The Care Plan is formulated to eliminate the trial and error in helping treat Demodex mites on human scalp, face & body.



Unfortunately, not everyone has the knowledge or awareness of Demodex that they should have. This is for many reasons, as unfortunately access to adequate resources and lack of public awareness delay in solving the problem of mites before the symptoms get too severe. As a result, often we place ourselves in the hands of specialists like doctors and dermatologists.

Due to the same lack of knowledge, overlooking the vital role mites play in skin conditions or lack of treatment options, people suffering from skin mites are often misdiagnosed and inappropriately treated.

Eliminating Demodex is not a fast process. A large part of its duration is the duration of the mites life cycle, which lasts 18 to 25 days. This combined with the fact that they live and lay their eggs deep under the skin contributes to a minimum 3-month elimination process.

Demodex mites live deep under the sebaceous glands and hair follicles. They are at different stages of development. Those that are fully grown feed on the surface of the skin, and the eggs, larvae and nymphs are in hiding under the surface until mature and the cycle starts again.

Demodex elimination must include all of these stages, so treatment time should be long enough to treating able to get rid of all individuals and not allow them also to re-colonize the skin. The Ungex Care Plan is designed to target mites on the surface of the skin, as well as preventing cross contamination from personal care items such as bedding, towels, hair brushes, etc.