Demodex Hair Mite Infestation Humans


So, what’s it all about?

Lets start by saying that, having a few Demodex mites present on your person doesn’t necessarily sentence you to a life full of unexplained itching, hair loss, acne or any of the symptoms they cause per say. However a few mites can multiply very quickly and lead to Demodex Hair Mite Infestation Humans!

What does ‘high population density’ actually mean?

High population density means exactly that: the mites have reproduced at an increased rate that the resources their hosts (that’s you!) provide such as food and shelter become strained to provide for these little parasites needs. This is typically when hosts start seeing symptoms of mite activity, which manifest as skin or hair irritations.


Samples off a client with a severely high population density of Demodex mites. Client was presented with severe hair loss and itching.

Why is my hair mite population out of control?

Many of our clients who respond adversely to mites suffer things like high stress levels, or other medical conditions that affect their immune system. A Demodex population density can soar very quickly when the immune system is unable to respond sufficiently to keep the mite population in check or because of their inflammatory response to microbe or waste products associated with the mites.

What harm can a high population density cause?

Because these tiny parasites feed on hormones, oils and fluids around the hair follicle, they consume necessary nutrients that your hair and skin need to be healthy. On top of that, a single hair follicle can support a family of 25 Demodex mites! No matter how microscopic they are, I’m sure you can imagine the impact 25 could make on one follicle alone, even before you multiply how many follicles on your whole body!

 What is the best way to treat and avoid Demodex Hair Mite Infestation On Humans?

If you have done some research around the Internet, I’m sure you have found all manner of home remedies such as dousing yourself in tea tree oil and other extreme measures. Now let me tell you why in the long run these solutions will only give limited results:

Because of the nature of where Demodex live (deep within the skin) treatment needs to be ongoing to ensure you target all generations of mites, this takes a number of months with daily care Things like Tea tree oil are unsuitable for regular long-term use, and much to harsh on skin.

Because Demodex mites live under the skin for the majority of their lives, getting rid of them can be a lengthy, but necessary process. Ungex’s mission is to help reduce these problems with zero side effects and a formula gentle enough for everyday use.


What Sets Ungex’s products apart?

Firstly, our products come with our guarantee that they will help to eliminate your mites, as long as they are used correctly and for an appropriate amount of time.

We have a committed Research and Development team who have carefully formulated the Ungex range of products over many years. Our products are of the highest quality ingredients, and we work hard to perfect them to be both gentle and effective, without all the nasty additives a lot of other conventional products use today, along with a host of other befits such as helping control oil production, helping to promote hair growth, as well as helping to prevent further infestation.

We believe that It’s important that all our customers receive the individual care they need when undergoing the Ungex Care Plan. In this spirit we provide free after care service, to consult and advise throughout the whole duration of treatment process.

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